The Benefits of a masters

Tossing up between further study or finding a job? Unsure if a masters course is for you?
We get asked a lot of questions about the benefits of a masters programs.
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.




Will a masters make a difference to how employers view me?

This depends on your course and the sector. In some areas a masters, while not necessarily a requirement, tends to be the baseline qualification that most employees have. The museums and policy sectors are good examples of this. In this case postgraduate study will of course be an asset. Your masters may have given you essential technical training, or turned a broad-ranging undergraduate degree into something more specialist.

How do I present professional experience from a different area?

You might have embarked on a masters to change career direction. When presenting work experience from a different sector be sure to include your skills and achievements and give specific evidence for these, avoiding too much industry jargon (see our information sheet on CVs for masters students). It is a good idea to offer a short rationale for your change of direction in a cover letter or personal statement.


Can I still apply for graduate schemes after I finish my masters?

Yes! Many of the graduate recruitment schemes welcome masters graduates and undergraduates, and you may have developed skills and knowledge to give you a competitive edge.

Additional resources

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