ADVICE FOR International students

Working in the UK is a valuable experience and can be used to show how you can adapt to different environments and take on new challenges.

If you’re hoping to work in the UK after graduation, make it a priority to research your visa options on the government website, sooner rather than later.

Understanding your options early is important and will save you time and stress in the long run. Take a look at our six steps to kickstart your career.



Use social and business networking websites to maintain contacts in your home country and to get information about developments in industries you’re interested in. Find out where jobs are advertised and which skills are required.


Use vacations to get work experience at home. It is valuable on your CV and could expand your network of contacts. This is important, as students returning home to work often get a job via a referral or hear about a vacancy from a contact.


Contact college alumni to give you job-hunting tips and advice on how to market yourself back home as a UK-educated student. Find out about your college’s alumni network and how to use it. The British Council also run alumni events and newsletters in a range of countries.


Your Careers Centre can assist you with applications and interviews. Make sure you use a format appropriate to the market to which you’re applying, check that your applications are focused and targeted, and include your reasons for wanting to work for that employer.


Think about the skills you have to offer, such as language skills or knowledge of your home business market. Use this information to inform your job hunting by identifying which employers will have use for your skills.


Keep up to date with the latest changes with visa regulations so you know exactly what you are eligible to do. You may find it helpful to include this in your applications to employers.