Get into Teaching

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 Stand: B17

If you’re aiming for a degree to be proud of, why not use it to start training for a career you can be proud of too?

Type of opportunity offered

> Postgraduate study/ professional training


Sector offered

> Teaching  

Visa assistance not offered

About Get into Teaching

Have you considered a career in teaching? Get young people inspired by the subject you love and go home every day knowing you’ve made a difference.

As a good teacher, you’ll always be in demand and 95% of newly qualified teachers are employed in a teaching role six months after qualifying. Teaching is a professional career, where your degree and knowledge really counts and allows you to develop in the areas that you are most passionate about.

You could get a generous tax-free bursary to train as a teacher. As a new teacher, you’ll start on a minimum salary of £22k-£28k, depending on location and teachers in leadership roles earn on average £58k, with many earning significantly more.

Find out more by visiting the Get into Teaching stand.


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