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Is postgraduate study on the horizon for you? If the answer is yes, that means you’ll likely need to take the GMAT or GRE to apply for your desired program. We know these tests can be daunting -- that’s why we offer books, classes, tutoring, online courses, and intensive boot camps to help you succeed. Stop by the Manhattan Prep table at the fair to learn more and to win test prep resources!

Type of opportunity offered

> Postgraduate study/ Professional training


Sector offered

> Accountancy and financial management > Financial services and insurance
> Investment banking and investment > Management and business
> Teaching  


About Manhattan Prep

In 2000, Yale graduate Zeke Vanderhoek had a radical idea: students learn better from better teachers. His vision of what test prep could be if taught by great educators led him to assemble a team of highly qualified teachers, recruiting only those with 99th percentile scores and substantial teaching experience. And with them, Manhattan Prep was born. We have since grown from a boutique tutoring company to one of the world’s leading test prep providers, offering classes for the GMAT, GRE, and LSAT worldwide. We serve students based in the U.K. at our London Center, located by Holborn tube station.

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Manhattan Prep

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